Kyiv Startup Week

April 15-24, 2016



AI Hackathon

During 48 hours, you will be able to find partners for your project, design a project outline, get help from mentors, and test your case in the real world scenarios. The best projects will surely attract the attention of investors, who will be among the jury of the Hackathon. Register before April 14.

miniWARP Ukraine

During the intense 4-day workshops Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can broaden their knowledge and gain experience in every aspect that is important in business making – thanks to the presence of experts and mentors. From teams invited to participate in #WARP, mentors and representatives of Deutsche Telekom will choose one project to pitch on the main hub:raum Krakow WARP event in May 2016. For the startups fitting best to hub:raum ecosystem up to 3 Amazon Web Services for 5k USD will be provided. Application is open through April 10.
18 Apr

Pirate Summit Kyiv

The Pirate Summit Global brings the spirit of the Pirate Summit to 50 cities all across Europe and the Middle East with the aim of connecting local entrepreneurs with international investors. On April 18th they are bringing the event to Kyiv. Your startup has the chance to pitch to investors and qualify to pitch at the 2016 Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany! The event is free to attend.
19 Apr

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Office Hours

Are you the next transportation or energy startup to watch? Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy will be in Kyiv on April 19th to mentor the best startups in smart transportation and energy, and we want to meet you. This will be an informal, one-on-one meeting between your startup and Startupbootcamp. Click the event page below to sign-up and schedule your meeting with us.
19 Apr

Kyiv Street Tour

Kyiv Startup Week excursion partner Interesting Kyiv will organize a 1-hour tour from 2:00-3:00 pm, guided in English. Participation is free. Registration is open.
19 Apr

Tech Networking Party №9

The party, which will include leading representatives of the Ukrainian tech community, will provide an opportunity to find partners, discuss the latest news in the industry, and to obtain feedback on plans you may have.
20 Apr

SVOD Europe

The SVOD Europe Conference provides a networking platform, where startups and entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe meet investors, experts, and business founders from Western Europe and the US. The event has been actively developing since 2005 when the well-known boutique conference Silicon Valley Open Doors was first held in Silicon Valley.
20 Apr


iForum is the major IT conference in the Eastern Europe. It is the annual event for those, who are able and willing to make money on the internet. Every year the conference gets together thousands of internet entrepreneurs and businessmen from Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Among the participants are business owners, top managers of large companies, as well as beginners and startups.
20 Apr

Startup Crash Test #63

Startup Crash Test is a regular meetup for startup founders, developers, marketers and investors with the aim to test business models, marketing strategies and other elements of IT-startups. For many projects it is the first opportunity to present themselves, get feedback and recommendations from other participants.
20 Apr

Ukrainian Startup Rating

On this day the results of the annual Ukrainian Startup Rating will be announced. The Rating is an initiative that was created to unite various sectors of the Ukrainian technology market by enabling experts to highlight its most promising projects and to evaluate and provide advice to other market participants.The launch of the Rating has attracted the attention of experts and, after a series of changes in rules and mechanisms, the Rating became an annual event. The Rating is currently organized by the GrowthUP Group.
21 Apr

Morning Run​

Participants and guests of Kyiv Startup Week are invited to join a morning run at 7:00-8:00 am in M.M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden of Kyiv. Registration is open now.
21 Apr

Reverse Pitch

An event at which top European and CIS-based funds pitch to entrepreneurs. We adapted a format used abroad to the Ukrainian market in order to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to find a suitable fund for their project and learn about some of the top criteria used by investors in their decision-making process.
21 Apr

Investor Pitch

Founders of startups at the late-seed and Series A stages will pitch to investors. For startups, it will provide a great opportunity to promote themselves, listen to recommendations from experienced investors, and to potentially obtain investment from leading international funds. For investors, the event will offer an opportunity to learn about high-potential projects that were previously unknown to the general public.
21 Apr

Startup Safary Kiev. Day 1

Startup Safary is a day of open doors event for the startup ecosystem. Startups, accelerators, incubators, VCs, and coworking spaces open their doors and organise events in their offices all over the city. It’s an event for all those who’d like to work, build or invest in startups and offers a great way to connect to the Kyiv startup community.
22 Apr

Startup Safary Kiev. Day 2

Startup Safary is a day of open doors event for the startup ecosystem. Startups, accelerators, incubators, VCs, and coworking spaces open their doors and organise events in their offices all over the city. It’s an event for all those who’d like to work, build or invest in startups and offers a great way to connect to the Kyiv startup community.
22 Apr

Validation Camp

Validation Camp is designed to help hackers to understand customer development. Participants learn how to seek demand and, accordingly, iterate/pivot their products, based on customer insights. It offers a roadmap for the quest to “make something people want” and participating teams are expected to have an idea (a problem-solution hypothesis to test) as a starting point. Validation Camp will be conducted by Can Saracoglu, Founding Partner at String Ventures.


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Anna Shoffa

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What we do

Kyiv Startup Week is a week-long celebration of tech entrepreneurship and innovation that includes a series of events designed to bring members of the Ukrainian and international tech communities together to exchange experiences and ideas.

Our mission

Innovations and entrepreneurship know no boundaries; they are everywhere. The mission of Kyiv Startup Week is to connect the local entrepreneurial ecosystem with the rest of the world. To achieve this goal, Kyiv Startup Week brings renowned international experts and investors to Kyiv, so that local members can establish new connections and take advantage of new networking opportunities.

Who can participate

The events at Kyiv Startup Week are designed for tech entrepreneurs who have already started their projects, as well as for investors interested in innovations. If you only want to grow your startup and search for advice and connections, you are welcome to attend our events and to get involved in the life of the community.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Kyiv Startup Week is open to partnerships. If you want to become a sponsor of Kyiv Startup Week or plan to hold an event relevant to tech entrepreneurship, please contact Anna Shoffa at . To become a media partner, please contact Halyna Babych at . Kyiv Startup Week is an initiative established by in 2013.